Student Research Training

CChIPS is proud of its commitment to students and trainees, with at least one undergraduate or graduate student participating in each CChIPS project since 2005. Many student research trainees are recruited from OSU as well as universities in the greater Philadelphia area, such as the University of Pennsylvania, Drexel University, and Rowan University.

Training Opportunities

Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU)

Additionally, students from around the country have participated in CChIPS projects through two NSF grants: CHOP’s Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) site in Injury Science and the REU Supplement. The aim of the REU program is to develop a diverse, internationally competitive, and globally engaged science/engineering workforce with a focus on injury prevention. This opportunity allows for foundational, hands-on pediatric injury research experiences in engineering, behavioral science, education, population science, and statistics. The REU program focuses on providing these opportunities to racial and ethnic minorities who are underrepresented in research, students with disabilities, women, and students from STEM-limited schools with minimal internship opportunities and no available doctorate program. In CHOP’s eighth summer offering this program, over 590 applications were received for 12 REU internship positions for Summer 2020.

Learn more about the Injury Science REU Program at CHOP.

Injury Biomechanics Symposium

Another valuable opportunity offered to CChIPS students is the opportunity to present at OSU’s Injury Biomechanics Symposium (IBS), which was established in 2004 to specifically meet the needs of students pursuing a career in injury biomechanics. The aim of the IBS is to provide student researchers with a welcoming, non-threatening platform to present their research and have meaningful conversations with experts in the field and industry partners. The IBS offers a variety of opportunities to discuss ideas and receive helpful feedback such as research poster presentations and networking sessions among students, researchers, and industry members -- a key feature of the annual event.

Over fifteen years, attendance at the IBS grew nearly three-fold, from 50 attendees in 2004 to approximately 130 in 2019. In that period it gave nearly $210,000 in student stipends and hosted 330 student presenters from 45 universities across 8 countries. The IBS is a rare platform geared specifically for students pursuing a career in injury biomechanics to present work, receive vital critique and create ongoing mentoring relationships that could improve their research and set them on a fruitful and realistic career path into the future. Every year, the IBS has featured students presenting on CChIPS projects and several CChIPS IAB members strongly support the IBS as sponsors.

Learn more about the IBS.


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