The CChIPS Industry Advisory Board (IAB), Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), and The Ohio State University (OSU) all play important roles in CChIPS’s operations.

The IAB provides:

  • Memberships fees (source of research funding)
  • Technical support, scientific relevance, mentorship, and direction

CHOP and OSU provide:

  • Faculty and students: research and innovation
  • Interdisciplinary expertise: research and analysis
  • Administration and fiduciary oversight of CCHIPS
  • No overhead on all membership fees as a direct financial contribution
  • Contract and patent management through CHOP's Technology Transfer Office

How much of the membership fee goes to the research?

Membership fees are determined based on company type and size:

  • Large companies (>500 employees): 77% to research, 23% to CChIPS’ administrative costs
  • Nonprofits/government agencies and small businesses: 87% to research, 13% to CChIPS' administrative costs

CHOP and OSU charge no institutional overhead fees; all membership dollars stay within the research and operations costs of the CChIPS consortium.

What determines the budget available for CChIPS Research Projects?

Financial support for the research comes from CChIPS member companies. Annual membership fees from each member company form the CChIPS annual budget. Each IAB member company is permitted to fund up to two annual memberships per year.


Learn how CChIPS has evolved over the past 15 years as the needs of the child safety industry have evolved: