About Cchips

The Center for Child Injury Prevention Studies (CChIPS) is a child injury research consortium focused on advancing the safety of children and adolescents. Co-hosted by the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) Research Institute and The Ohio State University (OSU), CChIPS was founded by the National Science Foundation in 2005 as an Industry/University Cooperative Research Center. Since that time, CChIPS has completed over 160 projects.

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The CChIPS Process

CChIPS researchers from CHOP and OSU – with expertise in bioengineering, mechanical engineering, epidemiology, behavioral science, public health, and psychology – work side by side with member company representatives on the Industry Advisory Board (IAB) to conduct translational research that is practical to industry. This synergistic collaboration between industry and academia is ideal for generating ideas for new research projects and sharing expertise and resources. Learn more about CChIPS’ operations.

The CChIPS research model follows a Research to Action to Impact cycle that encourages action beyond the publication of research findings. The research team seeks solutions to identified injury risks through evidence-based interventions. The measurable impact of these interventions on injuries is quantified over time.


The IAB Meetings are held semi-annually, in the Spring (Philadelphia) and Fall (Columbus). The Spring Meeting decides the research agenda for the year and the Fall Meeting reviews progress of current research projects and determines which Letters of Intent will be invited for full proposal.

Several members per company can attend IAB meetings; however each company has only one set of voting points. Voting points are determined based on membership level, but every CChIPS member has the same access to all projects and research results.

What is the Industry Advisory Board?

Comprised of industry, nonprofit, and government members, the CChIPS IAB funds research, establishes investigative priorities, and advises on strategic direction. CChIPS IAB members play an integral role beyond sponsorship; they work closely with faculty to set the CChIPS research agenda, provide mentorship to investigators and promote the research findings and capabilities of CChIPS within their organizations and throughout the field.

In their role, members provide the crucial link between academia and the real world to ensure that the safety of children, youth and young adults is an important consideration in design and testing and that CChIPS research is relevant and translated into innovative, practical solutions that improve safety.

CChIPS membership is open to all companies, organizations, or agencies that have an interest in advancing research and development to further child and adolescent injury prevention. Learn more about joining CChIPS.