Fidelity of the Upgraded FMVSS 213 Bench

Principal Investigator: Matthew Maltese, PhD, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

In March of 2015, NHTSA released the drawing package and specifications of a revised Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) 213 Bench (213R) that will be intended for use in regulatory sled tests. This study aims to characterize the fidelity of the 213R Bench as a system, as compared to real vehicle seats. Researchers will also characterize the current FMVSS 213 Bench, to assess any change in fidelity that would result if the current bench were replaced by the 213R as well as the repeatability of the 213R relative to the current FMVSS 213 bench.

This project is currently underway. Further information will be added following project completion.