Comparative Performance of the Hybrid III 3C and Q3 Dummy Necks in Simulated Frontal Crashes

Principal Investigator: Matthew R. Maltese, PhD, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

At the time this research was conducted, two anthropometric test devices (ATDs) representing the 3-year-old human child existed -- the Q3 and the Hybrid III 3C. When used to evaluate safety systems, each yielded different neck injury criteria metrics. The project goal was to build on the quasistatic testing by examining the performance of the necks in a simulated frontal FMVSS No. 213 crash. The results of this research were used to determine how the two ATDs differed in their response and allowed for informed data-driven comment on contemporary rulemaking efforts to incorporate these dummies into CRS evaluation and vehicle crash test rating programs (NCAP).