Anthropometry Update: Is the 6-year old ATD Representative of Age-matched Children?

Principal Investigator: Amanda Agnew, PhD, The Ohio State University


Below is an executive summary of this project. Please note that this summary describes results and interpretation that may not be final. Final interpretation of results will be in the peer-reviewed literature.

This study investigates whether the quality of anthropometric data, as it pertains vehicle safety, will improve when direct methods are used to collect it, and whether current ATDs can be improved with CRS-specific anthropometric data bases. The objective of this project is to determine whether currently-accepted anthropometric data, upon which pediatric ATDs are designed, are an accurate representation of children ages 4-7 years sitting in booster seats. The long-term goal is to ensure that anthropometric data is being collected in ways that directly relate to pediatric vehicle safety, and to ensure that current databases are up-to-date and accurate for today’s U.S. population.