CChIPS 2005-2006 Research Portfolio

Cervical Range of Motion in Young Children 

Principal Investigator: Kristy Arbogast, PhD, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia 

This study obtained active range of motion measurements on normal, healthy 3 to 10-year-old children. This not previously available data was used to inform enhancements to child dummy design.


Lower Extremity Injuries in Children Seated in Forward Facing Child Restraint Systems 

Principal Investigator: Jessica Jermakian, DSc, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia 


This study described the spectrum of lower extremity injuries to children in forward-facing child restraints seen at a level one pediatric trauma center. This study involved both prospective and retrospective full-scale crash investigations.


Effect of High Back Booster Seat Seating Angle and Seat Belt Positioning on Injury Metrics of a 6-year-old ATD

Principal Investigator: Rajiv Menon, PhD, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Previous research at TraumaLink revealed differential performance among various high back booster seat designs during sled tests. This study conducted a parametric analysis thru mathematical modeling to explore design differences on injury metrics.


Misuse Study of LATCH Attachments: A Series of Sled Tests

Principal Investigator: Rajiv Menon, PhD, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia


A case of severe cervical spine injury in a toddler was previously identified and investigated by the engineering team at TraumaLink. This child was restrained in a new child restraint with LATCH attachment, and loose attachment was one proposed injury mechanism. This study conducted a series of sled tests to examine the effects of loose attachment on injury risk.


Identifying Motor Vehicle Crash Characteristics for Anatomic-specific Fatal Injuries in Child Occupants

Principal Investigator: Michael Nance, MD, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

This study correlated anatomic fatal injuries of children with causative motor vehicle crash dynamics. It involved creating a new injury resource, a linked dataset including the Fatal Analysis Reporting System and the Multiple Cause of Death database.

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