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CChIPS is hosted by the Center for Injury Research and Prevention at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, the nation's first children's hospital and one of the leading pediatric research facilities in the world.

Children's Hospital hosts CChIPS in collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania, a world-class research institution with a history of innovation in interdisciplinary collaborations and scholarship. With the addition of The Ohio State University (OSU) as our second research site in 2011, CChIPS has expanded and established itself as a multi-university Center. This new partnership has strengthened our resources with leading investigators and cutting-edge facilities, as well as diversified our research portfolio with new research thrusts areas, including sports injury prevention.

The Center for Injury Research and Prevention is an established leader in multidisciplinary research focused on creating the scientific foundation for informing interventions to prevent injuries to children. CHOP and Penn faculty researchers span the fields of medicine, surgery, bioengineering, epidemiology, mechanical engineering, statistics, behavioral science, public health and psychology.

The Center for Injury Research and Prevention has a cross-affiliated and contiguous relationship with Penn, from which CChIPS can draw on some of the nation's best faculty and graduate student capabilities. Several CChIPS researchers serve as faculty at Penn, providing valuable access to top-rated undergraduate through post-graduate-level trainees.

Research-to-Action paradigm

The CChIPS research model follows a cycle that encourages action beyond the publication of research findings. The research team seeks solutions to identified injury mechanisms through evidence-based interventions to achieve measurable impact in the form of significantly reduced rates of injury over time.


CChIPS Industry Advisory Board members can rely on the Center for Injury Research and Prevention's proven track record in successful research partnerships with industry and government. In addition to regular interactions with virtually all organizations concerned with child safety, we have conducted specific research projects with major original equipment manufacturers, restraint suppliers, insurance providers and government agencies.

CChIPS Process (How We Work)

Our researchers work side by side with industry members and other university scientists to conduct translational research that is practical to industry. As the diagram of the CChIPS process below supports, this synergistic collaboration between industry and academia is ideal for generating ideas for new research projects and sharing expertise and resources.

What is the Industry Advisory Board?

The CChIPS Industry Advisory Board (IAB) consists of one representative from each full member company. IAB members weigh in on research progress, accomplishments, project selection, technical direction, and other Center policies and issues requiring attention.

The responsibilities of the Board are to:

  • Recommend research project areas and projects.
  • Provide feedback to the Center Director on the interest in recommended projects.
  • Recommend Center policy including direction of research, member networking, patent and publication policies, etc. consistent with the policies of Polytechnic University and NSF guidelines.
  • Provide feedback at each review meeting to the Center Director. This feedback is of critical importance for improving the project value to the Center Members.


About This Center

This Center is made possible through a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) which unites CHOP, University of Pennsylvania, and The Ohio State University researchers with R&D leaders in the automotive and insurance industries to translate research findings into tangible innovations in safety technology and public education programs.

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